Visiting the Mexican city of Patzcuaro

View of Patzcuaro

View of Patzcuaro @cazucito/Flick

Patzcuaro is a city located in the Michoacan State, in Mexico. It is an important cultural and craft center in this part of the country, and is the most important city in the region of the Lake of Michoacán. Patzcuaro (“Pahtz-Kuah-Ro”) is a charming city with a mixed colonial and indigenous feeling, located at just 45 minutes from Morelia, the capital of Michoacan.

Patzcuaro is a very popular tourist destination especially for Christmas and the Holy Week. During the last decade, a growing number of foreign visitors have discovered the charm of the city and its environment.

Tourist sites in Patzacuaro

The Mexican city of Patzcuaro has successfully mixed indigenous and colonial roots and provides an excellent city center to explore. The central area of ​​Patzcuaro and its immediate surroundings have the most attractive colonial buildings, elegant villas and courtyards.

The city of Patzcuaro

The city of Patzcuaro @Quokant/Flick

Bishop Vasco de Quiroga was sent by the Catholic Church in Patzcuaro in 1536. He promoted education in the area, helping the people to develop their natural abilities. He is a revered figure in this city, and his statue is the centerpiece in the main square of Patzcuaro.

At about two miles from the southeast of the downtown is Lago de Patzcuaro or the Lake of Patzcuaro, which is hosting the charming island of Janitzio.

View of Patzcuaro

View of Patzcuaro @cazucito/Flick

Visiting Patzacuaro

Patzcuaro can be visited during a day trip from the city of Morelia, but it is much better to stay here for a few nights to really feel the atmosphere of this wonderful city and to visit the surrounding villages.

To get to the city of Patzcuaro look for a flight to the cities of Mexico, Guadalajara and Leon. The nearest airports to the city are the International Morelia Airport (MLM) located at 45 km in the southwest of Patzcuaro, the Uruapan Airport (UPN) located at approximately 48 km at the west of Patzcuaro and eventually the Apatzingan Airport (AZG) ​​located at approximately 93 km in the southwest of Patzcuaro. Mexicana has daily flights from San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.

In the city of Patzcuaro

In the city of Patzcuaro @Michael R. Swigart/Flick

There are buses from Morelia to Patzcuaro (60 minutes), leaving every 10 minutes. There are also scheduled buses from Uruapan (45 minutes) and there is a bus comin to the city from the bus terminal in Mexico City.

You can also consider car rental to explore the colonial cities in Mexico. With your own car you will have more flexibility than using public transport options.


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