Visitor tips for shopping in Monterrey

Fashion in Monterrey

Fashion in Monterrey @mercedesfromtheeighties/Flick

The city of Monterrey is a popular tourist destination that offers many activities for those who decide to spend some time here. We offer you some visitor tips for shopping in Monterrey that might be helpful if you like this type of activity.

In the city of Monterrey you will find many shops that sell handicrafts and traditional Mexican souvenirs. In recent years, the shopping scene in Monterrey extended and improved beyond expectations, due to the opening of new shopping centers and malls. In downtown Monterrey you will find two main markets. Both sell a mix of goods and provides the opportunity to negotiate prices.

Several central banks exchange cash and travelers checks, local currency exchanges (Casas de Cambio) are concentrated along the Ocampo.

Food prices

If you eat in the restaurant in the city of Monterrey, a cheap meal can cost about 80.00 MXN, a table for two that includes three dishes, can cost about 400.00 MXN. The cost of indigenous beers (0.5 liters) is 30.00 MXN, while imported beer (0.33 liter bottle) is 40.00 MXN. A cost of a cappuccino is 35.00 MXN, a Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) costs 10.00 MXN and a mineral water (0.33 liter bottle) costs 10.00 MXN.

The city of Monterrey

The city of Monterrey @Sachavir_BR/Flick

If you want to shop in the markets of Monterrey, you will find the following average prices: 1 liter of milk is 15.45 MXN, a fresh white bread (500g) is 24.50 MXN, the eggs (12) are 24.00 MXN, the local cheese (1kg) is 80.00 MXN, while the boneless chicken breast (1 kg) is 90.00 MXN. The apple (1 kg) cost 35.00 MXN, the orange (1 kg) cost 15.00 MXN and the tomato (1 kg) is 17.45 MXN. A bottle of water (1.5 liter) is 12.00 MXN, a bottle of wine is 120.00 MXN, a domestic beer (0.5 liter bottle) is 15.00 MXN, an imported beer (0.33 liter bottle) is 25.00 MXN and a pack of cigarettes (Marlboro) costs 37.50 MXN.

In the city of Monterrey

In the city of Monterrey @mercedesfromtheeighties/Flick

Shopping for clothes

If you’d like shopping for clothes in Monterrey, you should know that clothing and shoes can be purchased at average prices. A pair of Levis 501 (or equivalent) is 625.00 MXN, a summer dress in a store (Zara, H & M, etc..) is 600.00 MXN, a pair of Nike shoes is 1,100.00 MXN and pair of leather shoes for men is 900.00 MXN.

Fashion in Monterrey

Fashion in Monterrey @mercedesfromtheeighties/Flick

Trasportation costs

Local transport involves the following average costs: a ticket (local transport) is 10.00 MXN, the gazoline (1 liter) is 10.00 MXN.


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